Make Oriental Atmosphere With Indoor Japanese Garden

You can create a beautiful garden with a minimalist design into the house. Because it will create a garden in the house, you need to select a suitable type of plant. Which is a type of plant that is easy to maintain, has a lot of color, fragrant and resistant with little sunshine.

Indoor Japanese Maple
To enhance the look of your garden can combine it with a fish pond and fountain in the room. To fill the land area that looks empty, use rocks like sandstone, coral, or stone temple.

Then attach the roof of transparent material and select skylights that light can access into the house. You can use the wooden floor as a floor design in the home garden. With the garden in the house, the house will feel cooler even though the outside is hot.

Yes, the average person likes and wants even if the house has a garden. Usually this minimalist garden built in the middle of the house. There is in the form of plants and flowers, there is also the added small fish pond and fountain.

If you get bored with a minimalist garden design, you can mix the design tries to your garden with a Japanese garden design.

Japanese garden created with a design that is rich in natural elements. Water is one of the elements of nature that can not be separated from the concept of a Japanese garden. In addition to describing the nature, the park is also characterized by a minimalist design, simple to perform, as well as clean because there are no plants growing lush and wild.

Indoor Apartment Garden
Not only water, other ornaments such as rocks, sand, and wood elements are very attached to the concept of a Japanese garden. In order for this park look more beautiful, you can add a fish pond, garden lights, or could have made a fountain. Incorporating other ornaments to complement the park you can do but to keep in mind is the arrangement should not be excessive so as to eliminate the impression of a simple garden.

In addition, Japanese garden usually simple and neatly designed in a way so that the trimmed or bonsai plants to decorate the garden is not lush as the tropical garden style.


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