Plan your Fall Garden with a Vegetable Garden Planning App

Fall Garden Planning broken down into what to plant and when for your climate. I’ll show you the manual way to determine when to plant a fall garden and how to use a vegetable garden planning app to make planning a whole lot easier.

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In the previous video we talked about the top 15 plants that you can plant in your fall garden. In this video we will talk about your fall garden planting schedule. Planning a fall garden is easy if we know what to plant in August and when to plant a fall garden. I have also discussed how to plant a fall garden. Talked about the fall crops and vegetables to plant in September and what to plant in October. Moreover, it will be much easier to have a vegetable garden planning app for your fall garden planning.

Intro – 00:00
When to Plant Your Fall Garden – 00:34
2 Things to Consider – 02:12
First Frost Date – 03:33
Number of Days to Harvest – 04:33
Virtual Garden Planner App Tutorial – 07:51
Cool Climate : Kingston, Ontario – 09:39
Warm Climate : Austin, Texas – 09:50

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