In Today’s episode, we will look into some important gardening tips and tricks on successfully growing fruit trees in containers. This complete home gardening guide will cover topics like Which fruits trees to choose – Seed grown vs Cuttings grown vs Grafted Trees. Where to purchase high quality grafted fruit trees and some important repotting tips for newly bought plants whether from online nursery or offline.
Lets look into the Topics Covered in this episode:
1. Plant Purchase: Seed grown vs Cuttings grown vs Grafted Trees.
2. Repotting: Should I repot immediately after purchase?
3. 10 Golden Rules to Follow while repotting a plant
4. Common Care Tips for Growing Fruit Trees.

1. Plant Purchase: I am sure most of us might have this question in mind: Growing from Seeds vs Growing from Branch Cuttings or Choosing to Purchase a Grafted tree. Which one do you thing you should opt for?

2. REPOTTING: Whether Purchased online or offline from a local nursery, people often have a misconception that immediately repotting a newly purchased plant into a larger container and a nutrient rich potting soil will make your plant grow like crazy. This is not always true.
Now let’s discuss some Very important points and concepts, that you must keep in mind if you want to keep your newly purchased plant healthy and avoid the so called repotting or transplant shock.
To answer this question, let us ask 2 QUESTIONS:
1. When Do I repot a New Plant Purchased offline, that’s from a Local Nursery or Garden Store?
2. When Do I repot a Plant Purchased Online? Like from or amazon

Now the third Topic: The 10 Golden rules of repotting. Let’s quickly list them one by one: Please watch Video.

Plant specific care tips for individual trees will be discussed in separate detailed episodes. Regarding the common care tips for fruits and vegetable plants, please watch video in related videos.

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  1. Syed Taheruddin Jaffry on January 1, 2021 at 10:34 pm

    Good Morning sir, i recently purchased few grafted mango plants from nursery. We have one mango tree very old and bears tasty mangoes.
    My question is, can i use these purchase grafted plants to again graft it with our field plant ?

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    Sir please guide me, i have found 3-4 year old cow dung in a barn, which is totally black in colour but not know whether it is decomposes or not, i am found of growing fruit plants but due to lack of space i am growing them in 17"-14" inch grow bag.
    My question is can i make potting mix for fruit plants with the ratio of this black cow dung and regular garden soil 50:50?
    Is their a chance that it will burn my fruit plants?

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  34. Lokesh Gaur on January 1, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Thanks once again for posting such a lovely presentation. Always sensible, authentic, genuine, capturing and informative.
    Here I would share some of my experiences with Nurserylive. A name recommended by my colleague, being the largest online nursery. Bought many plants for about one to one and a half year or so. Here are some of the facts regarding Nurserylive experienced by me.
    1. Rates are comparatively higher than other nurseries in Pune, exceptionally higher for many.
    2. Wrong and very poor selection of plants. I had placed an order for Sita Ashok Plant(Saraca indica/Saraca asoca) but I received False Ashok Plant(Polyalthia longifolia). I had no idea at that time regarding plant’s characteristics and features. By chance, after a few days I had visited my local nursery and asked about that plant. What they showed was really shocking. Saraca Ashoka had a very different leaf pattern and characteristics. It took no time for me to clearly understand that I had been sent a wrong plant in the name of a plant ordered by me. When I searched on the Google and compared the two, the whole story was clear. As per their return or replacement policy, time permitted is first 48 hours of receipt, that too for any damages incurred during transportation. There is no specific policy to take back a wrongly selected plant and replace it with the one particularly ordered. Yes of course, if you timely send them the pics of the damaged plant ordered, they remain positive replacing it with another same plant. I had to argue with them sending mails after mails that that wasn’t my fault. I also warned them to approach their proprietor but in vain. Today’s world doesn’t really understand the true meanings of terms, policies and conditions of a transaction but go blindly for what they have been told.
    Other experience was regarding my order placed for Michelia champaca/Magnolia champaca/Son Champa plant, "grown through seed", not the grafted one due to repeated dying of the grafted variety. They keep both the varieties. But they sent me the grafted one because they didn’t have at that time but they had shown the availability in their catalogue. They don’t even have a Son Champa plant truly GROWN THROUGH SEED as they practise sending a scion/graft failure stalk in the name of plant grown through seed. That stalk can be anything in the whole Magnolia family, may be Magnolia Coco.
    Thirdly some plants are quite robust, big and promising but for many selection by the field workers is very very poor and wrong.
    So due to repeated bad experiences and their ignorant behaviour, I had to quit.
    You are really lucky in getting such medium sized lush green growing healthy plants, all of superior quality and above all exactly those genuine ones which you ordered.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of information.

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