What to do with your 9CM Herb Pots

These are the nine centimetre herbs you can buy from Ashridge Nurseries. So we’ve got Moroccan mint – a nice good potful and you can keep on trimming them and you can keep it on the kitchen windowsill. Here’s a nice Thyme. That’s good in between cracks, paving, edges and borders and you can take the tips out as well. So we’ll put these 9cm’s into a larger pot.

So that’s a three litre taupe pot. This is recyclable. We’re going to plant the mint into this pot. Fill your pot up with a nice bit of compost, make a little dent, take it out of the pot. You can see the good root system there – plenty of fresh new shoots. I’ll pop it straight into the pot, press down, a bit of compost around the side, give a shake and firm it down.

And then a good soak.

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