Where do Fruit & Veggies Grow? – Children Book – #20

In this Where do Fruits & Veggies Grow E book /Vocabulary E Book we will be leaning basic Fruits and veggies name in simple English, as well as where do they grow with fun reading out loud by children, with soothing background music for autism sensory-friendly. This is a great learning source to learn a total of 5 fruit, and 5 vegetables names for children from nursery, kindergarten to elementary age, level 1 book with cartoon animation funny sound effect for fun learning.
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Welcome to the Kinder Reader. Here you and your children will enjoy reading and watching our fun educational books/ videos. Every video produces a nonfiction educational learning book, and every book follows the repetitive method which allows children processing time and helps learn sight words, vocabularies, and pronunciations. The background music creates a soothing and pleasant atmosphere for all views. Our channel is Autism Sensory Friendly. We provide learning materials that are suitable for young children/kindergarten and elementary age. That is why we call it “Kinder Reader”.

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