15 Vegetables & Herbs You Can Grow in SHADE GARDEN

If you live in a house and have a yard that has a lot of shade or the side of your house gets no sun and you want to grow a garden in that space, now you can! Here are 15 Vegetables & Herbs you can grow in Shady Garden. Enjoy!

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    I live in phoenix az icrew okra last summer in the summer before we planted more this last summer I think something like 20 for plants I’ve had in abundance who are planted and helping son however Midsummer hundred and 15 degree weather I did put shade cloth on it however guess next summer I will be putting a little lower number on the shade cloth I used 50% Last Summer and I think 30 would be fine or even 20 but it did need a little bit of shade and my eggplants we’re also very prolific prolific day also required a little bit of Sun during that really hot heat that we get where the sun just beats down constantly but as soon as the temperature has dropped down to 105 I took off the shade cloth they were great I have so much of both we couldn’t eat it all I did save tons of seeds the ones that we couldn’t pick quick enough and got too big we let dry and I believe that they’re probably would close to a hundred seeds at least and each pod. I have learned to eat okra right off of the Bush for the plant they get very tall and they have tree like trunks just cutting them off above the ground instead of pulling them out we’ll be adding more soil on top of it. I really want to learn how to make gumbo

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    my house is completly surrounded by trees. My most sunny spots receive about 4hrs of sun or less. I have 4 better boy tomatoes growing there and they have produced 25 large tomatoes. They were planted late, so they are still flowering strong. the 4 plants i have are spaced so closely that they sort of trellis up eachother. Dont hesistate to try growing where you have space, even if its very shaded. it just takes longer to ripen and they wont set as much fruit.

  31. Lamp in Deep Waters on February 17, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    My mint does amazing rain, sun, shade, overwatering, drought, heat, it’s my best plant I bring it in over winter too and this year I mulched my bed before frost and it’s 20 degrees outside and under the woodchips my mint is still alive.

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