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Winnipeg Landscaping in WInnipeg Manitoba, by Cleanr Mow (204) 960-0246

Another quality Winnipeg landscape service performed for our valued customer. Today we provide a quality Winnipeg landscaping service to one of our valued customers – patio stones were not level and sloping towards the house, and needs to be raised a couple of inches.

Cleanr Mow is a residential Winnipeg landscaping and lawn maintenance company, proudly serving the residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba with high-quality lawn care and landscaping servies.

What do you need from your landscaping contractor? Flower beds, gardens, rock and stone installation, patio stones, planting trees, bushes, and beautifying your property. Just give us a call and give us a chance to quote your next project. Don’t know what you want to do exactly? Let us give you some ideas.

Attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. Not only when it comes to mowing your lawn or landscaping in Winnipeg, but in all aspects of our business.

Remember when you told us that you were getting work done in your backyard in 3 weeks and it would possibly be in the way of the lawn mowing crew? We remember. And we rescheduled you for another day, that way your lawn could still be freshly cut that week. Remember when you called in to tell us that you were getting a new dog and to be extra careful and make sure the gates are shut? We remember. And we made sure to add in your property notes “TRIPLE CHECK GATE IS SHUT”. At Cleanr Mow, we know it is the little things that count. That is why we try our best to do the little things. We pride ourselves on offering the high quality Winnipeg landscaping and lawn maintenance services in Manitoba. We value our customers and take care of your Winnipeg landscaping and lawn care requirements like we were taking care of our own home or that of a loved one.

If you are ready to give Cleanr Mow a try this summer, give us a call at (204) 960-0246. We are ready and waiting to take care of your home!

We are fully insured and registered in the province of Manitoba for our Winnipeg landscaping and lawn maintenance business.

Get to know us on our website and learn why we are Winnipeg’s top residential lawn care service.

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When you need Landscaping in Winnipeg, call Cleanr Mow.

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