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ITV Gardener David Domoney looks at different garden water features, how to choose the right water feature for your garden. Discover what plants to use around the water feature, and how to get a rill. Plus look at natural garden swimming ponds.

From ITV Love Your Garden 2014.


Nothing sets the mood in a garden quite like water. If you’re looking for a water feature that’s more tranquil and therapeutic rather than big and splashy, in my opinion this is the one for you. It’s called a rill. Rills are a great way to draw the eye down a narrow walkway or stretch of lawn.

Now, with a rill, the key is making sure it’s as straight as possible.
When you’ve dug everything out, put the liner in and started to put the blockwork in, that’s when you need the precision. You can see here, they have used brickwork and pavers but you can also use either steel or concrete – whatever gives you the straightest line.

Traditionally, the water is either still or slow-moving to reflect the ambient mood. To create movement, set the base at a gradient and use a pump to circulate the flow.

But water features can also make a dramatic statement. This three-tiered waterfall makes great use of the corner of this exotic garden. Whilst a large bowl has real impact within this square of hard landscaping.

What you plant around the feature is also important. This one echoes the shape of the alliums next to it, and here a row of stone balls contrasts beautifully with lush green ivy.

But water features don’t have to be just decorative. If you’ve got the space, you can even have one you can swim in. Now this – this is it! All the practicalities of a swimming pool, but with the natural beauty of a garden pond.

A traditional pool uses harsh chemicals to keep it clean. But a swimming pond uses the purifying properties of plants to keep the water clean and clear.

The plants here go right up to and into the water, making it feel as natural as possible. And best of all, it not only looks good – it feels good too. Well, that’s certainly passed the ultimate test!


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