How To Create Succulents in Glass Containers

Succulents in Glass Containers

For a contemporary and simple look, plant your succulents in glass containers. Be creative with interesting shapes like a cube glass or even glass votive candle holders.

1). Since glass containers do not have a drainage hole, simply add pumice on the bottom layer for drainage.

2). Then add activated charcoal or lava rocks on top of the pumice to prevent algae build up in the glass container.

3). Before planting the succulents, use a well-drained cactus mix that contains no peat moss. Peat moss is too acidic for succulents and retains moisture, which may lead to root rot for succulents.

4). Now you can determine the design: If you aim for a 360 degree view, then place your largest or signature succulent in the center of the container. If the arrangement is viewed from the front, then simply place the succulent in the back and the rest of smaller plants in front.

You can use a variety of succulents such as Sempervivum arachnoideum “Green Houseleek” Sedum burrito “Donkey’s Tail,” and Anacampseros rufescens “Rainbow Sand Rose”. These plants are featured in the star shaped glass container or use a single plant like the Anacampseros rufescens “Purple Sand Rose” in the larger glass piece.

Care: If kept indoors, place your glass container near a bright, sunny window that is well-ventilated and water about once every two weeks. Water around the succulents and top of the soil. If kept outdoors on a patio table, give the plants filtered sunlight and water about once every 10 days.

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