Lennox Masonry – Stone Water Feature, Victoria BC

This project in Oak Bay, BC consisted of an indoor fireplace and the designing/building of an exterior stone water-feature, walkway, patio, and a stone fireplace. The majority of the stone used in this project was local to the property, and the remainder was quarried through K2 Stone, Victoria BC, and Hillside Stone & Garden, Duncan BC.
The interior stone fireplace was built using local blast-rock. The hearth slab was quarried and cut in Port Renfrew, BC, along with the stone mantel.
The exterior fireplace was built out of a combination of stone slabs that were also quarried and cut in Port Renfrew, BC, through K2 Stone; Brownstone which is native to Utah, USA and was provided by Hillside Stone & Garden, which was used as the border to the fireplace; and a natural full-bed ledgestone that was also supplied by K2 Stone, which was used in between the slabs and the Brownstone.
The shell of the fireplace was constructed out of Cinder Blocks which were then filled with concrete. In order to support the weight of the blocks and the stonework directly above the fireplace, a 1/2″ thick sheet of steel was required, and then an additional 4″ thick slab of concrete.
The water-feature is housed in stone which was native to the property. After the water-pump and liner were installed, Basalt Columns were carefully mortared into place. Another sheet of steel was cut to fit around the columns in an effort to support the Montana Rainbow River Rocks which were also provided by Hillside Stone & Garden, and placed in a spiral fashion.

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