Trend: what is an indoor garden and how to create one? 30 ideas!

Trend: what is an indoor garden and how to create one? 30 ideas!

Things that are incompatible at first glance: a garden and a city apartment, it turns out, get along quite peacefully. To create such a “urban” garden, a terrace, loggia or a spacious balcony is suitable. And if you are a happy owner of a corner on a flat roof of a house, then the garden can turn out to be just wonderful. Such “islands of nature” are quite common in Paris, many of them are hidden from prying eyes, and are almost invisible from the street. In fact, there are many of them in the French capital, much more than it seems at first glance.

This video is educational in nature! Author of the channel “100 Ideas!” demonstrates indoor garden and explains their merits.
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