How to grow your own passionfruit

Melissa’s Passionfruit Planting and Growing tips

– Plant in spring for autumn fruit
– Choose a grafted plant with a good growth tip
– Plant it level in the ground and don’t tease out the roots; they don’t
like disturbance
– Water in with seaweed solution and mist the foliage with a half
strength brew
– Water every day during the first week
– Water in a wide area to encourage roots to spread
– Passionfruit will twine itself around a string
– Remove any growth from below the rootstock
– Plant two vines to improve pollination
– Don’t over fertilise or over water your vines
– Regular applications of compost and seaweed solution is enough
to ensure a good crop
– Mulch well
– Pick fruit when ripe – it will fall from the vine to the ground
– Prune back to a 1m diameter crown in spring, making sure you
leave some good growing tips; it will quickly regrow and reward
with fruit.

Troubleshooting Q&A

Why is my passionfruit flowering and not fruiting?

Answer: A lack of pollinators. Best not to use insecticides, and plant herbs that attract beneficial insects.

Why does my passionfruit look sick?

Answer: It’s probably too old. They need to be replanted after about 6 years. It might also have a fungal disease if it has brown spots on the fruit or yellow mottled leaves.

How do I treat fungus?

Answer: Spraying with a horticultural oil seems to supress mites and the fungus.

How do I control fruit fly?

Answer: Use baits in areas prone to attack.

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