Garden Journaling: Record to Keep in a Garden Journal

Joanna visits with Kristin Hildabrand, Warren County Extension Agent for Horticulture to discuss what information is good to log in a garden journal.
Make sure to include specific dates of events. Specific dates may include garden tasks you performed such as planting, fertilizing, mulching, watering, and weeding. Weather patterns are also another good tool to make note of in a garden journal. Write the high and low temperatures of the day, sunny conditions, and how much rain was received. This information can help you pinpoint problems that may arise later on in the gardening season. The UK Ag Weather service is a website that can assist gardeners in logging this information in a garden journal. With as many plant varieties that there are available, make sure to write plant variety names. Fill a blank page of the garden journal with plant variety names for herbs, vegetables, landscape trees and shrubs, as well as fruits in the landscape. Knowing the plant variety name is helpful if a disease problem develops later. A basic garden budget is also good to include in a garden journal. How much money was spent on plants, fertilizer, tools, equipment, containers, chemicals, and other necessary items. Recording current costs will be helpful when budgeting for next year.
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