WORKPRO Garden Tools Set, 7 Piece, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Gardening Tools – Overview

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WORKPRO Garden Tools Set, 7 Piece, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Gardening Tools with Wooden Handle, Including Garden Tote, Gloves, Trowel, Hand Weeder, Cultivator and More-Gardening Gifts For Women Men – Overview

🌻 durable stainless Steel – Made of heavy duty stainless Steel that is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. The tools also feature a sturdy construction and thick Steel components that promise longevity.
🌻 precise and sharp design – the blade of pruner is made of Premium SK5 steel which is specially designed for quickly and precisely cutting. The high-back design of the weeder makes you effortless when you loosen and dig weeds from soil. The precise scale on the transplanter can help you transplant Green plants effectively and quickly.
🌻 HANDY GARDEN TOTE BAG – The tools come packed in a handy and stylish 12 inch storage bag which offers a nice place to store the pieces and also makes the carrying of these tools very easy. The bag is made of super strong 600D Polyester and has 8 exterior side pockets and elastic loops above pockets to keep more tools in place.
🌻 comfortable handle – the carefully contoured handle made of smooth wood, Fits easily in your hand and will reduce the pain of yard work on your hands. Practical Sizes and light weight for better handling whereas the ergonomic design minimizes fatigue or discomfort. Practical handle hanging hole design and lanyard are easy to store and the wood materials and colors are closer to nature.
🌻 An excellent gift for a gardener – includes storage tote bag, garden gloves and 6 hand tools – pruning shears, trowel, transplant trowel, hand fork, weeder, cultivator. It’s greatly applicable to dig soil, loose soil, transplanting, cultivation, weeding and so on. An excellent gift for your favorite gardening enthusiast.

Storage Tote Bag
The storage tote bag is specially created to help you pack your tools away neatly in your garage or storage shed. After all, nothing is worse than unorganized tools as they’re hard to pack away neatly.
The bag features exterior pockets on the side that are meant to offer an area to sheath the sharp steel of your tools. The strong polyester is easy to wash off so that you’re not tracking dirt into your garage or car as you carry your tools.
Gardening Gloves
Strong gardening gloves can protect your hands from the sharp barbs along a stem and the pointed leaves that seek to pierce and irritate the skin. These specific gloves are perfect for getting a grip on your tools with the rubber on the palms that protects your hands from any straying plants that could hurt your hands and disrupt your gardening tasks.
Meanwhile, the breathable material on the back of the gloves keeps your hands comfortable
Wooden Handle with Hanging Hole/lanyard
Take advantage of the easy to store hanging hole/lanyard features in each and every tool’s handle, when you’re far away from the gardening tote or you don’t want to put the tool in the bag.
Smooth and contoured wooden handle provides you with naturally comfortable feeling. When in use, your hand fits easily onto the smooth wood handle, providing a natural grip that makes it easy to use the tool to the best of your ability with limited force.

Engraved Scale:0-4″(0-10CM)

The engraved scale in the spoon of the transplanter allows you to carefully measure the depth of the plant as you dig it up to be transplanted. This makes it easy to extract and place plants without cutting off the roots and allowing you to carefully transplant the components of your garden with ease.
Garden Trowel
High-quality stainless steel that allows you to explore your garden on all terrain levels. You’ll be able to pull deep set weeds and dig up fresh ground to mix in with your fertilizer when you need to.
The properly sculpted handle will allow you to pull up considerable weights of dirt in comfort because of the better amount of control offered by the weight of the handle and and trowel.
Hand fork
Aerate individual selections of soil in planters and gardening beds with hand-friendly fork that allows you to loosen and mix different soil types with ease.

Bypass Pruning Shear
The powerful steel and quick opening mechanisms allow for effective bypasses on all of your plants. Better cuts mean that the plant heals faster and keeps bacteria and potential infections at bay
Hand Weeder
The easy to grip handle makes it easy to rip weeds out of the ground gently without harming any of the roots or the plants nearby. You’ll be able to loosen the weed and dig the soil gently away without using too much force because of the High-back design.
Hand Rake
Just planted some new plants? Break up chunks of soil, pack in the dirt to give your new plants a better place to spread their roots with this hand rake that allows you to smooth out the soil and control your planting environment with skill.

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