How To Build A Fruit Cage

In this video, we’ll show you how to build one of our steel walk-in fruit cage kits. Ours are some of the strongest fruit cages on the market with a framework that is up to 30% stronger than those of our competitors. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more instructional gardening videos!

There’s nothing we love more at Northern Polytunnels than the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables. Planting your own fruit and vegetables and watching them blossom into delicious strawberries, raspberries or other such delights is extremely rewarding.

But all too often the fruit you’ve been tending to is ravaged by garden pests and animals before you even get the chance to enjoy it. However, by introducing fruit cages to your garden or allotment you could see the amount of fruit and vegetables making it to your kitchen greatly increase.

Supplied with hinges, door fasteners and individual doorposts. For ease of access, you can add an extra door to any size fruit cage. Our extra fruit cage door kit includes two independent upright door posts allowing the door to be positioned anywhere around the cage perimeter.

Each module measures 2.5m x 2.5m (8’2” x 8’2”). So, any size of fruit cage can be supplied in 2.5m increments, both in length and width. Tubes can however be cut down to fit your exact growing area if required. The finished height of the fruit cage is 2 metres.

“I definitely made the right choice when I purchased from Northern Polytunnels, the strength and quality of the tubes and fittings I purchased to make a fruit cage will definitely last for countless years and are the best I’ve seen. Also found the company very helpful when I telephoned them”.


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