Plant Collector and Gardening Database Professional Software

Plant Collector and Gardening Database Professional Software

Plant Collector and Gardening Database Professional Software

Trial available.

*** New 2020 Version ***


Professional version including collection records, reference records links, reports and contacts.

Suitable for plant and garden management. Record your plants, seeds and cuttings. Includes growth records including images for each plant to record flowering and growth.

Easily track watering, repotting, fertilizing due dates with the ability to bulk update records. Easily see what is due, overdue or soon due with dedicated indexes in date order.

Easily create pdf or xps files where you can view your records on your phone or other devices. Create separate pdf or xps files for each Genus or any other grouping and view them on your phone when plant shopping.

Record any procedures done for each collection record.

Record optimum months for flowering, propagation, sowing and pruning with the ability to filter records for a particular month.

Import or export records to or from excel spreadsheets.

Import records from the 2008 version directly.

Capacity is a minimum 1,000,000 records.

New data automatically added to drop down lists.

Find your desired records quickly with powerful new filtering options such as direct filter drop downs. Save any filtering or sorting for quick recall as desired.

Filtering and sorting applied to main indexes. Just apply a filter and/or sort to your category or other fields, then go straight to the main index which is also filtered and sorted accordingly.

Direct filters for each dropdown field where you can apply a filter using that dropdown’s data list.

Add web links or file links to each record. 3 hyperlinks for each collection and reference record and one per growth record which can be configured as desired. Can be used to link to a page on a collector website relevant to the record.

There are also running totals for the whole collection for Purchase Price, Sale Price and Current Value. These fields can handle any world currency from zero to 3 decimal places. Pricing fields are also filtered, handy when wanting to know totals for a desired set of records.

Allows you to keep a record of your plants, seeds and cuttings including images in one simple to use package. View your collection records quickly and easily.

A user friendly database which is simple to use compared with other database programs available.

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