Water Features for birds | bird friendly water features

Water Features for birds | bird friendly water features

Bird Friendly – Water Features

Hi guys, this is Mark from anypond.com your trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features and today I’m talking about birds.

If you want to actively encourage more birds into the garden, yes you should put up a feeding station. You should actively, you know, help birds survive through the colder months or when they’re feeding their chicks. But another thing that they need is water. And putting in a pondless water feature having slow moving water is a great way to attract more birds to your garden.

It could be that you don’t want to feed the birds and it’s more of a rodent issue, you don’t want the rats, you don’t want the mice eating the fallen seeds and stuff that doesn’t get cleared up by the birds. But having a pondless water feature and not encouraging the rodents by feeding the birds is a perfect way to attract more birds into your garden; because they all need to drink and also they need to bathe. You know, what better way to have a lovely clear still but moving good quality water for birds to bathe in.

A lot of our pondless water features I actually incorporate some slow still shallow water.

They don’t like fast torrents; they don’t like moving water. But they do like good quality water. They don’t like bathing in stagnant horrible weedy conditions. They like lovely clear…it’s like you; if you wanna bathe, you wanna bathe in clean water not stagnant dirty water. And a bird is exactly like the same. They need to brush in; they need to clean themselves off a lot.

So what they want is slow moving water or almost still clean water and we can recreate that in any pondless water feature. So putting in a pondless water feature- not only do you get the beautiful sights and sounds of the water feature for you to enjoy but you can also encourage more birds to the garden.

Thanks for watching. My name is mark, The Pond Adviser and I’ll see you in the next video.

This video is about Bird Friendly – Water Features

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