Homestead Record Keeping Binder Series Part 1

Homestead Record Keeping Binder Series Part 1

Today I am walking you through my 4 binders I setup this year for record keeping. I have a binder each for flowers, animals, garden and orchard, and administrative. Part 1 just goes through the Administrative Binder and Flower Binder. Part 2 will come out next week and go through the Animal binder and the Garden/Orchard Binder.
These binders are like my filing system for my homestead. They help keep everything organized and easily accessible. I totally dislike filing cabinets and having to sift through file folders. These binders have been a better option for me.
It’s also easier for me to flip through and see how to continually progress from year to year.

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Food Preservation guide:

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  1. The Citystead on July 1, 2021 at 1:41 am

    Your organization skills are impressive

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