Seeds for June || What Vegetables to get Started in June to keep the Garden producing

Seeds for June || What Vegetables to get Started in June to keep the Garden producing

What vegetables seeds can you sow in June? So many! June is a great time to sow seeds because the soil is properly warm by now and there is a mix of new things to get going and also its a time when we should be thinking about successional sowings of many things we started in early spring to extend the harvest.

What’s mentioned in this Video:

00:00 hello
01:35 Beans
04:00 Peas
05:00 Pak Choi
05:19 Spinach
06:02 Chard
07:27 Summer and Winter Squash
07:27 Sweetcorn
09:06 Fennel
10:11 Kale
11:06 Broccoli
12:12 Kohl Rabi
12:29 Carrots
13:04 Beetroot
13:32 Spring Onions
14:01 Turnips
14:19 Cima di Rapa
15:13 Lettuce

+ Couple of things i forgot to mention:
Radish – You can sow this almost all year round but for outdoor sowings now is fab.
Swede – great time to get them started.
Celeriac – June is about last chance for getting this started.

Varieties Mentioned:

Violetto (Purple French)
Cobra (Green French)
Neckergold (Yellow French)
Greek Gigantese (Butterbean for drying)
Borlotti Lamon (Borlotto for drying)
Moonlight (Runner)

Hursts Green Shaft (Podding pea)
Golden sweet (Mangetout)


Fordhook Giant (huge with white stems)
Bright Lights (rainbow stems)
Lucullus (pale green, very soft)
Perpetual Spinach

Tuscan Kale
Dwarf Green Bush

Romanesco Brocolli (Fractals)

Purple Top milan

Jaune d’Obtuse

Detroit Crimson Globe
Detroit Rubridus

Spring Onions:



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  1. dolo gore on July 3, 2021 at 1:36 am

    In my first serious year of gardening in Bulgaria at 550m (1800ft) altitude, good for potatoes,beans peas, apples and just did second sowing yesterday June 25 and same here the peas and beans in a slightly shady area because we get a lot of sun July/Aug, Pak Choi and spinach tend to bolt so Im going to try end Aug sowing.

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  5. joseph croft on July 3, 2021 at 1:46 am

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  6. Joe Black on July 3, 2021 at 1:46 am

    I like your videos. You know your stuff. I’m from New Jersey, USA so our zones are probably a Lil different. But wanted to add my baby spinach that I planted in mid spring is still going because of shade. It’s been 90+ here a week ago and just hot. I’m thinking I might try to sow some Sugar peas on the East side since the sun gets off them around noon. 🤔 and maybe more lettuce and baby spinach. South side is my tomato and pepper area

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