Growing potatoes indoors Bucket and Container Gardening

Growing potatoes indoors Bucket and Container Gardening

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Growing potatoes indoors. Bucket and container gardening. Use and bucket, deep container or bin to start with. I used a regular storage bin as well as a cat litter box bucket. Don’t forget to wash the cat litter bucket first. Drill holes on the bottom of the bucket with a spade bit. I used a 1/2 in spade bit. Make sure to add sufficient holes on the bottom to prevent soggy soil. Lets talk potatoes! You can order seed potatoes which is basically potatoes that have “chitted” (sprouted), or you can sprout you own. Chitting your potatoes or force sprouting is fairly easy. Have you ever found your kitchen potatoes have sprouted? They like to left in a cool dark place and within time your potatoes will sprout. Don’t use regular supermarket potatoes unless they are organic because grower spray chemicals to prevent them from growing. Besides we don’t want to use pesticide potatoes. Use them whole or you can cut the potatoes down so that each piece of potato chunk has a sprout. If you decide to cut the potatoes you must allow them to callus over and harden up for at least 24hrs. If thrown in the ground like that, they will rot. Now add soil to the base of your container. Only fill about 6in or so as a base. I always add perlite to my soild as this promotes drainage especially for container gardening. Then my fertilizer of choice is worm castings. I love this natural way of fertilizing the soil. I’ll be making a worm bin myself so stay tuned. Add your fertilizer of choice to container and mix. Time to add the potatoes ‘chit’ or eye upwards as this is there the leaves will start to grow from. Cover potatoes with soil and moisten soil with water. Make sure to have a Full Spectrum grow light about the container. When the plant grows and gets taller, time to add soil. Keep adding soil until its under the leaves. This will promote more potato growth through out the container. You should have your first plant sprout within 2 weeks or so. Hope you enjoyed my video!


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    So I feed potatoes to my feeder crickets and they rooted so I googled how to grow them 🤣

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    This is awesome! How does the harvest look?

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    Great video. I learned something today. Can i pour boiling water into the soil before planting the potatoes in the containers(after soil is cool down) so i don’t get bugs indoors?

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  12. Maia Toscanini on July 14, 2021 at 2:39 am

    I so relate to you with seasonal depression! Its worse now with Coronavirus! So I have focused on gardening and made my second bedroom into a growing room for the winter due to the pandemic. I picked up three pound food grade buckets from Giant for free. I will spray paint them black and use them for planting. This is my third year gardening outside, and first inside. Will try sweet potatoes, and micro greens this winter and gold potatoes. organic of course! stay safe!

  13. Naked Fairy Apothecary on July 14, 2021 at 2:39 am

    You can’t use the grocery store ones because they are gmo mutants. Way to control the food supply.

  14. The Adhd Gardener on July 14, 2021 at 2:39 am

    Hey there! Since this video i made a Part 2. It was supposed to be a harvest vid but turned out to be a MAJOR fail experience in the end🤷‍♀️. Silver lining is I turned a failure into a learning moment. Had multiple new potato problems that I haven’t experienced before for these containers. Decided to show this so you can avoid these problems as well🌻

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    I was a 4H leader and wanted to show my girls how to grow leaves from potatoes. One day one girl came to me crying that her pot was cracking. We were very happy to see potatoes growing on the cup. There were 4 small potatoes, she ate them with eggs in the .morning. Yes potatoes will grow anywhere. I am going to try organics in my grow room under lights. Nice video I subscribed/

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    Hi! I love the video! What do i do with the soil after harvesting the porpoise potatoes? Can I reuse it or compost it and get new soil?

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