DIY Raspberry Pi Indoor Garden

DIY Raspberry Pi Indoor Garden

This fall, I decided to try my hand at indoor gardening. Instead of buying a bunch of stuff, I cobbled together some items I had laying around to create a fully-automated self-contained basement garden. My goal here was to learn about programming a Raspberry Pi computer to control 120V outlets connected to various grow lights, pumps, fans, etc. I think of this video as more of a general outline rather than a step-by-step instruction, so use it as inspiration to dig into any of the subjects I briefly mention while outlining the creation of this project. There is a ton of information about this stuff published by far more competent people, so I’ll provide a few links to get you started and let your search engine do the rest! Happy coding/soldering/growing/creating!

Setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time:

Setting up GPIO in Python:

Beginner’s Guide To Linux:

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