Extreme Record Drought, Garden Update, Elijah’s 1st Dirt Bike & Link Has No Training Wheels Now!

Extreme Record Drought, Garden Update, Elijah’s 1st Dirt Bike & Link Has No Training Wheels Now!

Here at the @Robins Family Homestead it’s been a hot & scary dry summer. We wanted to give you a mid summer update with our garden and show you what the boys have been up to!

Elijah earned his first dirt bike and within minutes is riding like he’s been riding for years.

Lincoln asked for a dirt bike and we told him he has to ride his bike with no training wheels. He had us immediately take his training wheels off and away that boy went!

Despite Severe record-breaking drought that we are in, our garden is still doing very well. Unfortunately the weeds are doing just as good!

We are currently harvesting egg plants, Swiss chard, collard greens, peas, patty pan squash, yellow squash, zucchini squash and sweet potato leaves.

Baby potatoes are probably about a week or two out and so is our sweet corn. We are hoping to have a few cantaloupes that are right and some personal sized watermelon is within the week.

We planted some cabbage two weeks ago and just started the seeds for some kohlrabi.

It might be too late since we are at a higher elevation being in a mountain valley, but we are going to attempt to plant some broccoli and hope it gets harvested prior to a hard freeze. 

With the lack of water has been exceptionally expensive. We have had to cut our dairy goat herd in half. Fortunately we were able to keep all of our good milking does. Currently we are still looking for a good heard sire to spend the next 5 to 7 years with us.

Fishing Has been slow, so we haven’t done much of that. As the nights are getting cooler, I will go out and start harvesting some catfish can for our food supply.

During the pandemic we lived off of everything that we canned and had in the freezer. We are running low and definitely need to stock it up prior to this next year.

We Anticipating higher inflation, continued hardships for different food items and possibly recession or worst-case a depression.

We desperately need rain and ask all of you to please pray that we receive an ample amount of rainfall between now and fall. Please pray that we receive a large amount of snow this winter to get us out of this drought. If we have another year like last winter, we will be forced to sell all of our animals or move to a more suitable place as we won’t be able to afford hay.

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