Fountains Buying Guide and Cleaning Tips – Lamps Plus

Fountains Buying Guide and Cleaning Tips – Lamps Plus

A decorative water fountain provides a soothing presence, adds style, and can even disguise traffic or neighborhood noise. These tips from the Lamps Plus pros tell you all you need to know about how to buy and clean outdoor garden and indoor table fountains.


Learn about:
The Five Types of Fountains
How to Set Up an Indoor or Outdoor Fountain
Fountain Troubleshooting
Tips on How to Clean a Fountain
Winterizing Tips

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Why buy a fountain?
Fountains extend interior styles into outdoor settings.
They provide a soothing presence.
When lit, fountains provides soft accent lighting.
And used indoors, a fountain adds humidity to the air.
How to set-up a fountain
Place the fountain on a stable area.
Position the pump in the fountain bowl and connect the hose.
Fill the fountain with water…
And plug it in.
Adjust the pump setting and water level to your liking.

Fountain troubleshooting
Too much splash?
Adjust the pump intake-control valve to reduce the amount of water flow.

Noisy water pump?
Check that the pump is fully submerged in the water…
And make sure the pump is not vibrating against the basin.

How to clean a fountain
Clean your fountain every two to three months, or when the water is dirty.
Drain the water.
And remove any leaves and debris to avoid clogging hoses, filters and the pump.
Refill the basin and use a water treatment that is people and animal safe.

How to winterize your fountain
Drain the water.
Disconnect and store the pump and hose indoors.
Fill basins with material to protect it from winter weather…
And cover with a fountain cover or tarp.
The most popular fountain types
Tabletop fountains are ideal for home offices and kitchens.
easy to install, wall fountains work best for small patios and yards.
Great for inside and outside, lightweight floor fountains are easy to move…
And waterfall designs feature multiple levels which create soothing sounds.

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    Awesome video! Crazy question, but is it possible to build a fountain on top of a well? Has anyone ever tried it before?

  2. translipcorsia on August 1, 2021 at 10:14 pm

    I worked at an office where they had that multi-level fountain and I couldn’t stop going to the toilet every three minutes, that sound…

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