Raised garden bed options | Gardening 101 | Gardening Australia

Raised garden bed options | Gardening 101 | Gardening Australia

Josh looks at the benefits of raised garden beds.
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There’s lots of options in terms of costs and durability.

They offer great access – around the garden and for those with limited mobility.
Position it so you can access it from all sides.

Hardwood sleepers are moderate cost and easy to use; you can raise them up for extra height. Try to source sustainable timber and always avoid treated hardwood railway sleepers as the coating is often toxic.

Treated pine is a light softwood so good for mobile beds on raised legs and wheels. However its not as durable – and always ensure the product hasn’t been treated with arsenic.

Steel sheeting is popular for hip-height sleepers. Premade ones aren’t cheap but are an easy option. You can make your own from steel sheeting – just remember to cover the sharp edges and that steel will eventually corrode.

At the top end of the cost and durability are masonry beds with double thickness brick. This is an expensive option but look great. If making your own, keep mortar away from soil as it is highly alkaline and can be toxic to plants.

Gabion walls filled with building rubble are another option for a solid bed with low environmental impact.

Raised beds can also be used to make wicking beds.

Other containers, such as old wheelbarrow and large pots, can also act as raised beds.

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