Raised Garden Bed (made with landscaping timbers)

Raised Garden Bed (made with landscaping timbers)

For more detail, read this article I wrote on the project:

Landscaping Timber Raised Garden Bed – Stop putting off your GARDENING DREAMS today!

The crazy thing about the landscaping timbers is that they are usually less than 2 bucks each. But at the time of this video, during the pandemic and lumber shortage, they are stupid expensive at over 5 bucks each.

Only ended up using 8 of them for this raised garden bed. We went with the full length of the boards (8 feet) and cut the shorter pieces on the ends to 16 inches.

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  1. Kim F. on August 10, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    This is what I was looking for, so thank you!

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