How to Incorprate Hardscape Into Your Landscape

How to Incorprate Hardscape Into Your Landscape

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Hardscaping is the solution! Steve walks through the different options when it comes to landscaping with stones and boulders in this Nursery Note.

Steve McShane here, McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply, introducing a toping important for every gardener: Hardscape. Think about overcoming drought or weeds, so many options too. There’s decorative stone, there’s flagstone and there’s pavers.

Let’s start with the most inexpensive and easy topic and that’s decorative stone. Look at this beautiful Cal Gold or this ginger or dolomite! All native stones from California.

One thing I always mention to people: don’t forget the weed fabric. Two or Three inches down, this will prevent you from overcoming your garden with lots.. of weeds.

As we move beyond decorative stone, there’s also flagstone available in so many colors. It’s got endless applications. Here you can see some beautiful sand stone, this is a Three rivers tumble, or this quartzite. Available these days is even veneer stone, cut to fit right on the side of your home or a hearth, lots and lots of applications. And with some easy tools, Some mortar, some concrete and a sponge, it’s easy to install.

The next hardscape is pavers, really popular, think about that old concrete driveway that you could put over with something beautiful like this. Textured and available in a lot of different colors, the pigment goes down quite a bit, lasting up to 50 years or more! Something that has become really popular is this adobe block; used for retaining walls or also on patios, it’s a native material. Really cool stuff!

Think about either sealing stone or even a lacquer to give your hardscape a wet look and finish, really cool.

The last topic would be boulders. They never need water and boy they’re living and breathing. In this case look at this golden brown granite. Think about it on a corner or in front of your home. This is a really cool addition to completing your garden. How about this moss rock, look at all those Lichen, this is really cool! Available in as big as a ton, this thing will go a long way in your landscape.

Remember – California is a really dry state, so when you incorporate hardscape into your landscape it’ll save you money, it’ll save the environment and you won’t have the weeds to deal with.

Let’s get gardening!

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