Perennials made easy – how to choose and grow the best plants for your borders

Perennials made easy – how to choose and grow the best plants for your borders

Tips and advice on choosing and growing perennials from Rosy Hardy of Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants, one of the UK’s foremost perennial plant nurseries. And see Hardy’s Festival Flower Garden, with its colourful perennial planting.

Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants:
Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants on YouTube
Candide Gardening app (sponsors of Hardy’s Festival of Flowers):

0:00 Welcome (note: we are standing in a patch of nettles, because Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants is wildlife-friendly and uses spare patches of land – the nettles are ‘food for butterflies’.)
0:53 Allium ‘Mount Everest’ and Anchusa ‘Loddon Royal’
1:18 What is a perennial?
1:50 Why are perennials important?
2:20 How hardy are perennials and what do we mean by ‘hardy perennials’?
3:07 Can you cover the soil with mulch, compost or landscape fabric? Will the perennials be able to grow through it?
4:17 When and how should you divide perennials?
5:15 Which perennials bloom the longest?
5:54 Which perennials like shade?
6:24 The low growing pale green plant on the left is Uvularia perfoliatum, recommended as a good shade-loving plant
6:32 The low white flowers are Maiathemum, another good recommendation for shade
6:52 Which perennials grow best in pots?
7:53 Which perennials are deer-resistant, rabbit resistant or slug-resistant?
9:19 Salvia caradonna ‘Pink Inspiration’ (upright pink flower)
9:31 What are the best perennials for wildlife or pollinators?
9:33 Allium Mount Everest and Anchusa Loddon Royal
10:00 Viola ‘Avril Lawson’
10:35 Angelica archangelica
11.25 How do you protect perennials from slugs and snails?
12:12 How to partner plants when planning a border
12:34 The blue plants are Anchusa ‘Loddon Royal’
12:48 The big bronze leaves are Rodgersia podophylla.
12:52 The white flowers are Veronica ‘Tissington White’
13:53 Rodgersia podophylla with Hosta ‘Purple Heart’
16:47 Doronicum ‘Harpur Crewe’ (yellow daisy-like flower ) and Zizia aurea
17:00 Red leaves are Rheum palmatum Atropurpureum
17:09 Digitalis (Foxgloves) Suttons Apricot

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