Strawberry Harvest and Slime Molds on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening (#4648)

Strawberry Harvest and Slime Molds on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening (#4648)

0:00 Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening!

1:25 Harvesting Onions
Host Casey Hentges is harvesting the blooming onions in our keyhole garden.

5:30 History of Strawberry Production
We travel to hear Steve Upson talk about the history of strawberry production in Oklahoma.
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation at

11:07 Strawberries Make a Comeback
Then we talk with Harry Deupree at Rejoice Farms LLC in Mustang, OK who are helping OK strawberries make a comeback. You can always call Rejoice Farms LLC to see how to get some of their tasty produce:

15:00 Slime Molds
Extension Assistant, Jen Olson, identifies an unusual organism that looks like slime molds popping up in the landscape.

18:50 Roasted Potato and Cucumber Salad
And Barbara Brown prepares a Roasted Potato and Cucumber Salad!

Airdate: (05/30/20) #4648
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  1. Angelo on October 7, 2021 at 8:15 am

    Lost so many strawberries to the rain

  2. Thunder Rolls Media on October 7, 2021 at 8:22 am

    #OklahomaTerritory!!! ❤️

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