Large Garden Modern Water Feature with Fountains

Large Garden Modern Water Feature with Fountains

When a water feature needs a view, you don’t get better than this! A large garden with views as far as you can see.

This water feature deserved more, which is what we did – designed and integrated into the lawn it forms part of the canvas of this landscape.

A water feature with different Modes! – Yes its not 1 water feature but 2! In mode one water creates a rippling wave as it flows over the stone and down this rill, creating patterns and a unique rill water feature.

Mode 2 – Party mode! – with the flick of a switch this water feature takes on another dimension. Not over the top but enough with its pulsating fountains running down the length of the scrim. Not only do you have the excitement of the dancing fountains but they create radial patterns in the water flow, all contributing to this stunning water feature.

You want more? – Well ever fountain is lit up individually and secretly install linear lights run down the length of the water flow, making this beautiful water feature enjoyed day and night!

Thinking of safety? – This design uses only a film of water, which reduces the changes of drowning, although we always say people should never play with our water features.

Who designs and installs these? – We do. Apart from the builders works so get in touch, nearly all our work is bespoke


See With over 20 years experience as water feature specialists in both residential and commercial projects we’ve decided its time our discerning customers had what they have been asking for – A standard design at a fixed price….’The Specular’

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Our website has it all, with details of The Specular Water Sculpture for the public, garden designers and architects, including technical details and price. Designed and manufactured by experts in their field and comes with everything you need, all self contained, just needs electric.

What finish on The Specular do you like?

If your after a breath of fresh air, we are the inventors and manufacturers of The AquaVeil® Water Wall. An amazing effect.

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