Build Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Cages Made Easy

Build Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Cages Made Easy

Building your own Fruit & Vegetable Cage has never been easier with our exclusive range of award winning Slot & Lock® Connectors, strong aluminium tubing, netting and braces to make the cage extra stable. Decide on the size of cage you want and then pick the tubing, connectors and all accessories you need to create your perfect fruit and vegetable protection cage. #vegetablecages #buildyourowncage #cages #cropprotection #protectioncage

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The strong aluminium tubing is available in natural silver finish or matt black powder coated and the award winning Slot & Lock® connectors come in different styles to create any size cage, there are even angled connectors to make unique shape cages. Choose the different types of high quality netting available including strong bird netting, to protect your fruits from birds, butterfly netting to prevent the butterflies laying their eggs on your crops and insect mesh to prevent even the smallest flies and aphids getting onto your plants.

The Slot & Lock® connectors secure the tubing in place creating strong frames, a much more reliable alternative to tying bamboo canes into position. Each connector is held in position with screws to create a strong framework.

Easy to assemble and also dismantle at the end of the season these fruit and vegetable cages are a simple, practical and affordable way to protect your plants from pests.

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