An instant raised bed — use straw bales to grow plants and vegetables

An instant raised bed — use straw bales to grow plants and vegetables

Growing food in containers is a great solution for those without much soil.
Another option is simply with a bale of straw.

A major bonus is, after you harvest your crops, you can spread the remaining straw on your garden bed or add it to your compost!

What you’ll need:
– 1-2 bales of straw
– A driveway, paved area or a sunny space that’s going to waste
– Organic fertiliser – pellets and liquid
– Compost (a few handfuls for each seedling you plant)
– Seedlings – Millie uses pak choi, kale and silverbeet

– Position the bale(s) on their side, so the cut side of the straw is facing up.
– Water the bale or bales well –if you can leave them out for a couple of weeks and water them every day, even better.
– Sprinkle over a couple of handfuls of organic fertiliser.
– Water with liquid fertiliser; fish emulsion is good.
– Ideally leave this to cook this for a couple of weeks.
– Make planting holes in the top of the bale and fill each hole with a few handfuls of compost and/or leaf mould.
– Plant in seedlings. If using pak choi, this will be ready to harvest sooner so can be planted in between the larger, slower-growing plants.
– Water well and keep moist as the seedlings settle in.
– Feed with liquid manure every two weeks to keep the plants growing.

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