Sausalito, CA former Record Plant- Plant Studios inside Garden Studio

Sausalito, CA former Record Plant- Plant Studios inside Garden Studio

“This is a unique opportunity to experience a piece of music history – standing in the rooms where music you’ve heard for years was recorded. It is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.”
-Review of DJKatiana’s “Legendary Sausalito Record Plant tour”

Chances are you’ve heard some of the amazing music that was recorded and/or mixed in this LEGENDARY recording studio that opened in Marin County in 1972.

Located in Bayfront Sausalito, CA resides the fabled ‘resort studio’ – one of 3 famous Record Plant Studios ( New York City, Los Angeles and Sausalito)

Tour Hosted by DJKatiana.


  1. Katiana Giacona on December 4, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    Woodwork credits: John Holmes (animal doors, and studio B) David Mitchell (Studio A sun burst sound diffuser) and more. Check out Trident Restaurant/Club history and Druid Heights history.

  2. Derrald Mote on December 4, 2021 at 1:01 pm

    I miss driving and entered this landmark. Nor I will never forget going to the studio’s auction at the Federal Building when Bob Skye bidded $550,000! Claire Piester was the manager at that time, and Stanley Jacox’s red Ferrari still sat there. This all happened when I was doing second engineering duties at Starlight Sound in Richmond. BTW, I also met Jim Gaines wit the Doobies in the hallway towards studio B. To make matters worse getting there that afternoon from Richmond to Sausalito to return an H-949 harmonizer, the car stalled out on the bridge! The scariest thing was I felt the span’s vibration by passing big rigs. The reason? Starter wires got cooked by the exhaust manifold, which were dead close. Otherwise, I made it to The Plant and they got their harmonizer back. On returning back to 617 S. 13th St, I got my ass chewed out by Norm Kerner. As for Arne Frager (owner of The Plant) I met him once, told him that I remember his name from an SOS Band recording, and one time, this bushy-eyebrowed dude was riding a scooter around the complex, roughly close to my age, Tom Lord-Alge, never spoke to the chap. And one more thing: That piece of shit that stalled me out, whereas the flaw? A Volkswagen Rabbit. And for my Starlight days, I’ve loved graveyard sessions. BTW again, 2200 Bridgeway will return next year as Bridgeway Studios in 2021 (Thanks Ken Calliat and others!) Question, where’s Tom Flye now?

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