443: Jason Johns on Growing Tomatoes.

443: Jason Johns on Growing Tomatoes.

Growing delicious produce – in the garden, an allotment, or in the greenhouse!

In This Podcast: Jason Johns is the author of 18 books on gardening. Here, he shares everything anybody needs to know about growing tomatoes! From the ideal soil, varieties, conditions, and pruning you’ll be ready to plant amazing tomatoes. We also discussed common pests and what to do about them, as well as his first failure with tomatoes and what he learned from the experience. Jason plants something new each year. As a bonus, he also shared some of his other growing experiences!

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Jason is the author of Growing Tomatoes: Your Guide to Growing Delicious Tomatoes at Home, as well as 17 other self-published gardening books on everything from greenhouse gardening to growing giant pumpkins.

Jason is passionate about gardening, having grown his own produce for over twenty years. He started with a second-hand greenhouse, an 8’ by 6’ patch of his mother’s garden, and far too many tomato plants. After turning the greenhouse into a tomato farm, he was hooked at the taste of the first ripe tomato.

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443: Jason Johns about Growing Tomatoes.

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