How To Make An Herb Garden Gift eCourse Introduction

How To Make An Herb Garden Gift eCourse Introduction

#ad Learn how to make three different herb garden gifts, step by step plus get some great tips on propagating herbs.

The three types of gift ideas include:

Herbal Mason Jar Trio
Trio Of Herbs In Small Clay Pots
Herbal Advent Calendar

The idea that steals the show is the herb garden Advent Caledar.

Besides making a great gift, the herb garden Advent Calendar is ideal for homeschool families!

Allow the children to plant either an herb plant or herb seeds in little buckets and then hang them in a window so they can watch the herbs grow through the winter months.

Each day in addition to planting an herb in the buckets, a lesson could be taught about the herb.

The supplies for the Advent Calendar are available at many dollar stores or this could even be a lesson in recylcing supplies you have on hand.

If you love herbs – or know someone who does – this is one eCourse you won’t want to miss!

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