How to Assemble a 4×4 Raised Garden Bed

How to Assemble a 4×4 Raised Garden Bed

Installing and planting raised beds is easy with our raised garden beds. Made of 100% recycled material, raised garden beds (or garden boxes) can provide an easy-on-the-water-bill way to grow whatever you like. Our raised beds will not rot or leach toxic substances into your soil or food.

Backyards and decks are ideal places to plant and grow your own vegetables. Imagine growing and harvesting your own food.

Take just 16 square feet of otherwise unused space and turn it into a source of a wide variety of fresh, homegrown vegetables, herbs, berries and beautiful flowers. A 4×4 raised garden bed creates space for two tomato plants, a row of beans, and two rows of salad greens. All packages come ready to assemble without any tools.

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