Five Fruit Crops You Can Easily Grow in Hydroponics

Five Fruit Crops You Can Easily Grow in Hydroponics

As a part of our series on the different crops you can grow in hydroponics, welcome to part two. In the first video (, we focused on five leafy greens and vegetables that you could grow hydroponically. In this video we are going to focus on fruits and berries. We are going to discuss some general rules for growing tomatoes, chillies and peppers, strawberries, gooseberries and melons. In our previous video we also discussed some basic growing rules, so be sure to check out that video if you would get some more info. If you would like to download the information presented in this video then checkout our eBook, the link below.

Five Fruit Crops You Can Easily Grow in Hydroponics eBook:

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Tomatoes
02:10 Chillies & Peppers
02:56 Strawberries
04:26 Cape Gooseberries
05:39 Melons

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    How about growing strictly winter type plants.

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    How about strictly winter type hydroponic plants review.

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    Can carrot and onions be grown hydroponically?

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