My Favorite Hobby || Composition 12 || Full Video || Bangla and English

My Favorite Hobby || Composition 12 || Full Video || Bangla and English

Dear students,
We have a shorter version of this video containing only the cartoon in both Bangla and English.
You can watch that too for better understanding. Here is the link:

My Favorite Hobby is a very important composition or essay for Jsc, SSC and hsc students. We made this highly animated video for our students. By watching this video, students will be able to save a lot of time to read and learn. This is composition 12 and this is the full video containing line by line education system.

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By watching the video students will be able to learn about writing a composition on Computer/ The Uses of Computer in Everyday Life/ Computer as a blessing of Science

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Here’s the full Composition:

My Favorite Hobby/ Gardening As Your Hobby

Hobby means a favorite occupation, not a main business. It is one of the most important sides of human beings. There are many persons in our country. Some are teachers. Some are doctors. Some are engineers. Some are farmers. Every person has a favorite hobby. I am a school/college student. So I have also a hobby. It is an interesting way to enjoy my leisure period.

There are many kinds of hobbies like gardening, drawing picture, painting, kite flying, stamp collecting, fishing etc. Besides, reading books is an interesting hobby. Gardening is my favorite hobby. I have a flower garden in front of my reading room. There are many kinds of flowers in my garden. There are Hasnahena, Rose, Marigold, Rajanigandha, Chamelly, Jaba, etc. I work there during my leisure period. Everyday very early in the morning I water in my garden. Besides, there is a strong fence around my garden so that the naughty boys and animals can not do any harm to my flower plants. There are some causes why my favorite hobby is gardening. I am fond of nature. When I get up very early in the morning, I go to my garden. The morning nature is very beautiful to look at. Some beautiful birds sing sitting on my flower plants. The butterflies collect honey from one flower to another flower. Sometimes gentle breeze touches me that gives me much pleasure. So, I think it is very useful for health and mind. Besides this, I grow some vegetables in my garden. It is a great support for my family. It is also a source of income that gives me an educational support.

In a word, hobby is very important for every person. For leading a happy life, every person should have a hobby. But we should see that our main works are not hampered on account of it.

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