Small Farm Recordkeeping Workflow

Small Farm Recordkeeping Workflow

This video shows my methods to the madness of keeping farm records. My goal is to keep all the records I need and none of the records that I dont. If I know I wont look it up later… I dont worry about it. But if it will help me make a better crop plan or streamline my taxes- that is a record worth keeping!

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My farm is small and holds no certifications at this time (food safety, organic) nonetheless I do keep some records to track food safety and inputs.

Some redundancy is good for me- if i forget to record a planting date in my binder- I can always get the date off of the tag in the field (which is a good backup plan for me!) and if I dont have time to enter my data into my app on a buddy harvest day- thats OK, I just leave the info. onthe whiteboard until later.

Another big help for me is using the auto import into my bookkeeping system- all I have to do it categorize expenses as they come in. Once I do so, I then ‘archive’ my receipts into a folder out of the way.

Similarly, all my online sales, market sales and wholesale sales are through one app– Square. There is no fee to use square when payments are made by cash and check (just for credit card!) so its a good option for me, and the reports it generates are top notch.

Its a lot of steps to fit into one short video- so thanks for bearing with me!

What are your tips for improving my system? Do you do something similar? Did you see something helpful?- Let me know in the comments!

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