Hydroponics farming: How To Grow Watermelon hydroponically from seeds To harvest

Hydroponics farming: How To Grow Watermelon hydroponically from seeds To harvest

learn hydroponic farm and how to grow vegetable hydroponically : https://youtu.be/LvvgMojnQPo
How To grow watermelon in hydroponics garden , using A&B hydroponic
fertilizer, perfect full guide for beginners, watermelon grow well in pH range 5-6 and EC/ppm 2.0- 2.4mS/cm , the prosses from seeds to ripe fruits will take 70 days .
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Today I going to share with you step-by-step my experience growing Watermelon from seeds in hydroponics
Hydroponic Watermelon
Germinating seeds
You need small container, Rockwool cubes, watermelon seeds
Watermelon seeds are sensitive to cold temperature
It’s your choice to use the media, you can germinate them in soil, paper towel
Watermelon seeds germinate well at 25 to 30 ° C
Keep the cubes moist
If starting seeds indoors, consider using space heater or heating pad to increase temperature
If growing the seeds outdoor like me, try laying black plastic mulch over the planting site to help absorb the sun’s heat and increase the temperature during the day and speed up watermelon germination
If you are germinating seeds in soil don’t plant too deep
Seeds germinate in 3 to 1o days
Transplanting the seedling to hydroponics
When your watermelon seedlings are a couple of inches high and have at least one set of true leaves then can be transplanting to hydroponics
I’m using 55 mm net pot, and clay pebbles to support the seedlings and protect the roots from sunlight
I’m going to use this Rectangle plastic tray to grow my seedling
I was looking for something to use as a cover,
And I found these wood plank lying at the corner
I cut them, and I’m going to use them as a cover
Now Drill the holes, make sure the hole is same size with net pot (I’m using 55mm)
You can also use a storage box, which comes with cover
Watermelon vine needs space, 3 or 4 seedling enough
Place your tray where can get sunlight at least 6 to 8 hours a day
Mix hydroponic fertilizer
Fill the tray with tap water, and adjust the pH
By adding a few drops of pH down
And wait couple of minutes to test the pH level
You can use an Air pump or water pump
I will add a tube to my water pump
To make the water hit together to dissolve the oxygen that the plants need to grow
The pH of watermelon is between 5 and 6.
Now you need to add hydroponics A & B liquid Fertilizer
The amount you need to add its depends on your water capacity
So you need a TDS/EC meter to test your EC level.
A & B fertilizer contains all the nutrition that plants needs
In A: calcium, forum, potassium and nitrogen
In B: phosphorus, zinc, copper, Sulphur, molybdenum
Watermelon EC level required EC = 2 – 2.4
Place your seedling and enjoy watching them how quickly will grow
Make sure the water is touching the roots
As you can see the roots came out from the net cup.
Watermelon plants will form both female and male flowers on the same vine.
Bees, ants, and butterflies (pollinators) will naturally pollinate the plants
Watermelon plants need a space to grow, if you don’t have make the vines grow upward
To keep them from taking over your yard or balcony
The water should be changed out every two to three weeks.
watermelon growing temperature range is between 75°F & 95°F
Watermelon takes about 10 weeks to grow from seed to ripe fruit.
A & B Hydroponics Fertilizer Perfect for beginners to start hydroponic garden.
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