5 Minute Smile: At the Florist (Dementia Inclusive)

5 Minute Smile: At the Florist (Dementia Inclusive)

We hope this video will feel like a visit to your local flower shop! Designed for people living with dementia (typically mid or later stage), as a way to enjoy time together with a care partner. Whether you have a diagnosis yourself, are a care partner for a loved one with dementia, or working in long term care, we hope you enjoy this dementia inclusive activity.

Additional suggestions for after the video is watched:
– try to name the flowers you saw in the video (you can always go back and press pause!)
– ask questions such as “Do you prefer flowers growing wild in a garden, or arranged in a bouquet?”
– for those who enjoy sensory activities, having flowers (real or not) on hand is an excellent way to extend the discussion; twine and/or ribbon works too!

If you have questions or suggestions for topics or themes you might enjoy, comment below! If you know someone who’ll find this helpful, be sure to let them know.

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