Harrod Horticultural Wooden Raised Beds & Liners

Harrod Horticultural Wooden Raised Beds & Liners

Harrod Horticultural Wooden raised beds for both plant and vegetable growing have become extremely popular because they allow easy gardening and a reduction in the risk of harm from disease, bugs and pests that you might otherwise suffer from with soil planted seeds and plants.

As well as various wooden raised beds, we also sell a range of raised bed materials that include these excellent raised bed liners. The liners enhance the protection these raised beds provide by preventing weeds and other invasive plants from growing through the soil below and forcing their way into your bed. Raised bed liners also allow you to reduce the amount of water you use in watering your plants by enhancing water retention and preventing waste where water would otherwise seep into the neighbouring soil and be wasted. Similarly these raised bed liners will also reduce the loss of nutrients by the surrounding environment.

Raised bed liners are fantastic if you plan to use a raised bed on a concrete, gravel or hard standing surface. They allow you to contain the soil and when it comes to changing compost at the end of the season it can easily be extracted using the simple loop handles built into the liners. This means that concrete and other hard areas will be free from soil and you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up any spillage or left over mess. Obviously you then have the easy option of relocating your raised beds without extra hassle.

Find out more about our raised beds and liners and order online here – https://www.harrodhorticultural.com/wooden-raised-beds-cid3.html

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Harrod UK has been manufacturing in Lowestoft, the UK’s most easterly town, since 1954. From starting out mending fishing nets, to manufacturing goal posts and nets for the countries most prestigious sporting venues through to establishing Harrod Horticultural in 2000, Harrod Sport & Harrod Horticultural have become well established brands synonymous with quality, attention to detail and superb customer service.

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  1. Jo Cook on April 13, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    hi i love this!! My husband has made me an 8ft long raised veg bed..Yippieeeee, I’m so happy today. I won’t to line to but was wondering about drainage …Would it OK without holes at the bottom??…..Thank you for sharing….JOjo

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