DIY soil mix for growing herbs indoors

DIY soil mix for growing herbs indoors

How I make my own soil mix for growing herbs indoors. Composition : equal parts coco coir, perlite and organic soil. Important to sterilise it to avoid fungus gnats especially indoors.

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Hello everyone, welcome to another video about my herb gardening.

Today I will get another seed start going, and to prepare, I am making and sterilising a new batch of of my soil mix.
My mix is composed of one third of coco coir, one third of perlite and one third of organic soil.

So, obviously the first step is mixing these three ingredients. You can use a small scoop shovel or just mix it buy hand, just like I prefer to do it.

Next step is to pour boiling water on the soil mix, to heat up the soil and kill all the dormant fungus gnats eggs in the soil.
The heat will kill them. You can see the steam coming out of the soil.

After pouring the boiling water on the soil, just thoroughly mix the soil.

The last step is covering the hot steaming soil with aluminum paper to keep the heat inside the soil, and let the heat do its work, killing the fungus gnats eggs.
Cover well on the sides.
The aluminum paper feels really very hot.

SO just let it cool off during a couple of hours, and the soil mix is ready for use.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.
Thank you for watching and see you in another video.

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