13 Best Backyard Ideas

13 Best Backyard Ideas

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Idea #1)  A Covered Outdoor Living Space
A freestanding structure as a destination away from the house Many feel they want a covered space attached to their house but free-standing covered structures make great destination
a)       Gable style
b)      Hip & Ridge style
c)       Traditional gazebo style
d)      Lean-to style
e)      Pergola
I would recommend a covered structure that fully protects you from the elements & extends your seasons a little bit – in all weather. You could have heaters, add a fireplace, then a kitchen to your current structure and suddenly, it becomes a true four-season outdoor living area.
Idea #2) An Outdoor Kitchen
Not a standard application for this idea – I want you to think about adding more to your outdoor kitchen. Kitchens are amazing destinations outdoors. If you have a grill, that’s great but you can add a griddle right next to it or you can add a side burner. Maybe a pizza oven?  Don’t forget a refrigerator, and ice maker in your outdoor kitchen. These amenities keep you outside a little bit longer. How about a smoker or green egg? These are extremely popular as a secondary cook surface. Get creative with your outdoor kitchen. It doesn’t have to be the standard grill anymore – take it to the next level.
idea #3) Create a Relaxation Spot
What would relax you in your outdoor space? Yes, it’s personal – so think about some ideas in the landscape you would like to get away to. A little water feature, a very soothing little spot you can relax and let the stress of the day melt away. It could also be a little garden spot in your landscape. Gardening is known to be therapeutic and to relax as you. So maybe a little raised garden bed for you to be able to go out and putter in after a long day of work.  It can be a hot tub or sauna.
Idea #4) Another one that makes my list for the best backyard ideas is a Firepit. Not the typical fire pit – there are many different styles of firepits. Pack it full of people & kids- the main thing you’re thinking about is how to get out and use your space. You want to have it as that destination to get people over and get a break from the TV and apple devices.
Idea #5) My favorite backyard idea is an outdoor sauna. I use my Sona all the time – three times a week minimum. It’s a nice little meditation spot too – a private Oasis.
Idea #6) I always sneak a bar in my outdoor designs. Outdoor bars attract people. I love a bar because you can put a bar in almost any space. They look great and do not hinder people’s flow through the living space. So a bar in an outdoor living space cannot be understated.
Idea #7) One of my top ideas for your outdoor living space is an outdoor TV or an indoor TV that you move outside. Another fun idea:  an outdoor projector with a movie screen. Surprisingly, these are not very costly, but they add such an amazing summer evening environment. This is one of my favorite things to do: summer movie nights! We put up an inexpensive movie screen, have a very inexpensive projector – and enjoy evenings with lots of family and friends out watching movies under the stars together. Some people mock us because we are moving things outside but I just love being outside. If we watch movies – at least we’re outdoors hanging out together.
So, 7 great ideas here. I’m sorry to say but I was only able to get the first seven ideas in this video – but I do have the other six and because I fooled you saying it was 13 . . . (ran out of time) I’m gonna give you a bonus idea in the next video! Thank you very much for watching!

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