How to start growing herbs from seeds – orgeano and rosemary

How to start growing herbs from seeds – orgeano and rosemary

Starting herbs indoors basics. Sterilising seed soil mix. Planting herb seeds, germinating techniques and indoor growing tips.
Let me show how I start herbs from seeds, sowing oregano and rosemary seeds in a few simple and easy steps.

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How to start herbs from seeds – Rosemary and Oregano

Hello Internet,
In this video I will show you my easy method of sowing seeds and to start them growing successfully.
In a previous video I showed and explained how I make my own potting mix. So with the potting mix ready for use, we are set to start sowing.
Today I am sowing Rosemary and Oregano, two lovely herbs deserving a place in every herb garden.
I like to use this size of pots to start my seeds. It allows me to keep them longer in the same pot and I don’t have to replant them too quickly.
But that is of course a personal choice. Most people may use smaller pots or seeding trays. That is just fine, as well.
The process is really simple.
When everything is ready, I start by filling the plastic pots with soil.
I usually fill the pot loosely with soil till the top, and then I compress gently with my thumb some soil to the sides of the pot. I do this to avoid big air pockets in the soil.
Next I fill up the pot a second time, until it is completely filled with soil. Just like that.
I repeat this for all the pots that I am using, today I will sow three pots of Oregano and three pots of Rosemary.
When filled the pots are ready for receiving the seeds.
Let me start with sowing the rosemary seeds.
People are always asking how many seeds to I put together in one pot.
There is no law of nature telling me this of course, but I don’t mind putting several seeds in one cup.
With rosemary, I go for 3 to 6 in a pot cell, I can always divide them up later.
So I put them on the soil or scrape them in just below the surface with a
toothpick or some small stick,
about a quarter of an inch, just make sure the seeds are
covered up.
After that I press the top layer of the soil gently, to make sure the seeds are covered up and make contact with the surrounding soil.
Just like that.
And done,
Now let’s start with the oregano,
and I follow basically the same process
Filling the pots with soil,
I thumb pack the soil into the cells to get a nice solid starting base without any airpockets.
filling the pots up to the top,
Again here, for Oregano, I don’t mind overseeding a bit,
Oregano seeds are really, really tiny and because we want bushy herbs to grow and to
harvest, so I willl sow 20-30 seeds per cell.
I will pinch the seeds and just scatter them around across the top of the
soil mix.
next I tuck them in again,
and I gently compress the soil.
To finish up,
I mark the pots with name and date sticks,
I apply a first bottom watering for 20 minutes,
and after removing the remaining water, they are ready to go in my seed starting station with grow lights.
So that is how i do it, I hope this was helpful to you and it may help you being succesful with herb seeds as well,
If you have a question, let me know in the comments.
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  1. BSSVK on May 26, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Thanks for the tips.
    My oregano is still very tiny and tiny even more than a month after planting. I don’t know if it’s okay or it should be bigger. Apparently more sun and heat is needed.

  2. Becks on May 26, 2022 at 8:35 pm

    Thank you fo the slow and clear demonstration. This is perfect for us beginner BEGINNER gardeners that have absolutely zero clue about planting. 🙂 This was very helpful for starting my first garden, so thank you for the effort you put in showing us. Much, much appreciated!

  3. tigerbc on May 26, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    Hello sir. Thank you for making the effort to share this video. If I may, what would be the ingredients and ratios of the potting mix which you have used for this? Thank you.

    Edit: I just saw that you have a video for that as well. Will look at that. Thanks and keep up the great effort.

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