Zen Garden Ideas and Design. Japanese Zen Garden Landscape Inspiration.

Zen Garden Ideas and Design. Japanese Zen Garden Landscape Inspiration.

Zen garden is a rocky and minimalist garden setting used in Japan. There are sand, grass and gravel in these gardens, which are made up of thin rocks and do not contain trees. Zen gardens with different designs can contain bamboo, bonsai, water channels, zen and buddha figurines.
The zen garden of the Ryoan-ji Temple in Japan is just one of the most famous examples of zen garden.
Zen garden design and arrangement is easier than a normal garden design. It consists of pouring small rocks and pebbles on a flattened garden and arranging it with a rake.
The rocks and pebbles used in the Zen garden have meanings among themselves.
According to the belief, big rocks represent the islands and small pebbles represent the ocean.
Minimalist and peaceful zen gardens are also preferred areas for meditation. Zen garden designs are used in parks, public areas, cafes and restaurants.
They are quite different garden designs that can be preferred for those who love minimalist spaces and do not like to grow plants.
Miniature zen garden are nice designs that can be used for decoration in the home. Different miniature designs can take their place at home with colored sand, gravel, buddha statue and cacti. You can design your own zen garden using the sand and gravel you pour into your pots.


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    Minigardens are a very good idea for a tiny flat

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    One of the best Zen garden videos on YouTube and I’ve watched many!

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