2 Ways to Build a Dragonfruit Trellis for Growing Dragon Fruit in Containers

2 Ways to Build a Dragonfruit Trellis for Growing Dragon Fruit in Containers

Today I’ll show you how to build a dragon fruit trellis for growing dragonfruit in containers. We’ll be building 2 different support structures to give the climbing dragonfruit cactus a sturdy structure to climb up – one of the designs will virtually last a lifetime.
For the first trellis that I’m building, I’ll be trying to create a dragonfruit tree, by using a strong branch and attaching it securely into the pot so it can’t move at all. The second structure uses a recycled plastic fencepost and will be attached very securely to the pot.
We’ll then plant some dragonfruit cuttings into the containers so I can train the dragonfruit up the trellis structure.

Dragon fruit are a climbing jungle cactus that flowers at night and produces a delicious tropical fruit. They can be grown in tropical and subtropical climates, or in colder areas if protected in a greenhouse or kept away from cold, frost and damp conditions.
They can easily be propagated from seeds and from cuttings.
These plants are also known as Pitaya , Pitahaya , Stenocereus , Hylocereus undatus , Hylocereus costaricensis , Hylocereus megalanthus , Cactaceae.

Materials I used for the second trellis design:
1x 50L Plastic Pot (This was the biggest size I could get, but you can definitely go bigger if you can).
1 x 1.5m long Recycled plastic fence post – Use untreated timber as an alternative.
90×45 Timber (2″x4″) – 2 pieces at 550mm (1.8ft); 3 pieces @ 460mm (1.5ft).
17 x 100mm long bugle head batten screws (otherwise use what you have – can be shorter screws than this).
1 x Stainless steel threaded rod
4 x Stainless steel washers
4 x Stainless steel nuts
Hessian (burlap) material to attach to plastic post will allow your dragon fruits aerial roots to attach to the pole more easily and increase uptake of any water or foliar spray you provide the plant with. I will look at trying this out when I can get my hands on some hessian πŸ™‚
Good luck with your Dragonfruit and let me know if you build this trellis! Send me any of your growing pics over on Instagram. I’d love to see your plants ;).

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Building DF Tree Trellis
2:22 Planting Dragon fruit cuttings
3:42 Building the super strong trellis
6:41 Planting Yellow Dragon Fruit
6:57 Conclusion
7:29 Announcement!

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  2. Napintas Balasang on May 31, 2022 at 8:39 pm

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    Thanks heaps for watching!
    Make sure you stick around until the end for a little extra bonus after the video. Hope you enjoy 😁 🌱

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  28. CrowntailHalfmoon on May 31, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    Thank you for sharing Sir. Great information. Sir could you explain how much soil volume is required for the dragon fruit plants ? Also what size pots do you recommend?

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