7 Sq.ft home Garden on my window grill.

7 Sq.ft home Garden on my window grill.

This video consist of all my plants which I grew from cuttings and they grew up with beautiful foliage.
In total they are more than 24 types of plant some of which I missed on to introduce in this video like my dieffenbachia, all green pothos etc..
Plant mentioned in the Video are as follows-
1 Pink periwinkle.
2 white periwinkle.
3 Snake plants.
4 Spider Plants.
5 Petri Croton.
6 mammy Croton.
7 Oak leaf Croton.
8 Gold Dust/Sloppy painter Croton.
9 Oxycardium Philadendron.
10 Moonlight philadendron.
11 Split leaf philadendron.
12 Njoy pothos.
13 Golden pothos.
14 Green foliage pothos.
15 Calathia.
16 Caladium.
17 Tulsi/Holy basil.
18 Arrowhead/Syngonium.
19 Aloe Vera.
20 Dragon Fruit Plant.
21 Dieffenbachia.
22 Lucky Bamboo.
23 Red Dracaena.
24 Veridated Dracaena.
25 Cornplant Dracaena or Dragon Plant.
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  1. Abraham Benjamin on May 31, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    Great job 👏🏻

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