DIY Container Garden on Wheels | HGTV

DIY Container Garden on Wheels | HGTV

Create an easily moveable container garden using galvanized metal containers on casters.

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metal trash cans
empty 2-liter plastic bottles
drill bit
potting soil
plants of various sizes and habits (tall, short and cascading)
pressure-treated lumber
tape measure
gardening gloves


1. Select trash cans. Select a combination of tall, medium and low metal trash bins. Keep in mind that groupings work best in odd numbers.

2. Add drainage holes. Use a drill and drill bit to add about 5 holes in the bottom of the trash can to allow for drainage.

3. Attach casters. Measure proper spacing for casters with tape measure, then add mark with marker. Drill holes, then attach casters with bolts and screws. For reinforcement of extra large trash cans, attach a strip of pre-cut, pressure-treated lumber to bottom before attaching casters.

4. Add filler and soil. Fill trash can approximately 3/4 full, using empty 2-liter bottles. Next, top off the can using potting soil.

5. Add plants. Place tall plants toward the back of the containers, then fill in center with low, bushy plants. Fill in the edges with flowering and cascading plants.
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DIY Container Garden on Wheels | HGTV

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