Water Features Melbourne

Water Features Melbourne

Water Features Melbourne: So you only have a Small Water Feature space in your Melbourne Garden?
But you absolutely want to make that area truly special?

Contact me, Peter Cole, for free advice (03) 9809 1667
before starting your Water Feature
http://www.toprock.com.au and http://www.waterfeaturemelbourne.com.au
You can do it yourself (kits of materials and video available)
or have me work alongside you.
Or I can do the lot.

You’re in luck!
That’s exactly what this video is about,
how to turn what seems to be a huge mountainous landscape into something small, but still conveys the mountainous impression into that little garden that you have available.

I call these Creations “Miniature Mountainsides”

These little beauties are custom-made to suit your small special space.
And if you are dexterous, you can learn how to make one yourself,
because I offer you a do-it-yourself Kit.!
Miniature mountainsides include streams and waterfalls, and can even include lakes with mist rising from them,
and of course they include lots of places for small plants, feature rocks, definitely miniature mountains, and you can even include your favourite wilderness photgraph enlarged for a backdrop.

(Video shows examples of Water Features for Small Gardens.)

This is a separate section of the same Mountainside waterfeature, which demonstrates that you can still make something spectacular, even in less than a square metre of space.
Still pretty, making great use of your small space.

So let’s start with another tiny spot, what can we do with this?
We can turn it into this! A rocky mountainside with plants and plunge pool
And with mist and a torrent of water cascading down a vertical drop
with trees clinging to the cliffs

Note how the mini-bridge helps support the notion of “huge scale”
Each of the plants that you see here is in a pocket of fertile potting mix, individually-watered, with a concealed dripper.
And now the plants, individually-watered, with variable-flow drippers, concealed under the “Rock-Surface”.
Perched on a mountain-plateau with a real rock embedded in the rock-scape behind it
– looks like a boulder or a cliff. And a path with steps getting smaller as they go up to convey the impression of distance. Up to the archway, leading to still more distant landscapes, to give the scene an even greater depth.

Here’s a small mountain landscape just tucked into the space that was available, still with a pleasant stream winding between the rocks and plants.
With a painted backdrop for depth.

Here’s a miniature landscape suiting the narrow space next to the fence.
A Rocky Mountainside like this is another option you might like to consider.

The last miniature mountainside here is also one that demonstrates the perspective power of a small set of steps
And if you would like the picture-story of how this Mountainside was built, send me an email request, details are below this video.

Here in fact:
Visit http://waterfeaturemelbourne.com.au
and email me at petercole@toprock.com.au

You can book your own Miniature Landscape Design Report right now, to assess your own property’s potential, to host your OWN PIECE OF WATER FEATURE MAGIC

The Miniature Landscape Design Report is where I come out to your site, and spend normally a couple of hours with you, going through all the details and all the things you want, and your site’s potential, and coming up a detailed Report as you can see, and that also involves sketches and costings
So that you’re happy with something that I offer, by the time I leave, I make sure of that!

So take some action, and I look forward to speaking with you soon, about making a Water Feature for your Small Garden.

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzOE2T-4aT7lzvFHl09WpQ

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHUZ_Sf24p9Cz-gixB4xOLchYkIWEdASf

Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_feature
and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_garden

Water Features for Small Gardens



  1. Janina Rivera on June 7, 2022 at 9:24 pm

    Great video, and design concepts very informatiove as well

  2. TheStig0002 on June 7, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    I especially like the Miniature Granite Mountainside at about 30 seconds in, and the Water Feature one from about a minute in.

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