Making DIY mini greenhouses for growing seeds and cuttings | Indoor Plants | Gardening Australia

Making DIY mini greenhouses for growing seeds and cuttings | Indoor Plants | Gardening Australia

Guest Presenter Tammy Huynh shows us how to make mini greenhouses for growing seeds and cuttings. Subscribe 🔔
Greenhouses are so useful for growing warm climate plants as temperature, exposure, and light can all be controlled and when plants transpire the water droplets are released into the air forming a humid microclimate. They should also have sufficient ventilation to allow fresh air to circulate around the plants which helps them grow.

Whilst a lot of gardeners dream of having a walk-in greenhouse, Tammy shows us how to take the basic principles and create three mini versions you can make at home from everyday containers.

Germinating Seeds:
Plastic containers such as berry punnets are perfect for turning into a mini greenhouse as they have the right balance of shelter to build up warmth and humidity, and holes for ventilation. They are great for growing micro herbs or starting off plants like tomatoes, pumpkins and basil that prefer warmth to germinate.

To turn a plastic container into a mini greenhouse:

1. Wash and sterilise containers before use, to avoid contamination from the food that was in there previously.
2. If there are no holes, add a few to the top and bottom for ventilation and drainage. “Getting the air in and circulating will discourage any mould from growing in the moist conditions”.
3. Fill the base with a light, friable seed raising mix. “We don’t want to fill them up the whole way because we want room for the seeds to grow.”
4. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil.
5. Keep the soil moist using a spray bottle.
6. Place in a brightly lit spot out of direct sun.
7. If there are plenty of ventilation holes, you can keep the lid shut until the sprouts are reaching the roof.
8. If you’re growing plants that will be transplanted into the garden, open the lid once they have sprouted to get them ready for the harsher world outside. They are ready to transplant when they have their true leaves.

Propagation from cuttings:

For larger plants and cuttings, a plastic storage box with a lid makes the perfect greenhouse. Drill some holes around top on each side or leave the lid ajar to ensure adequate ventilation. An even easier option? Simply cut a clean plastic bottle in half and pop it over a small pot with an individual cutting! The top end has built in ventilation or poke a few holes in the bottom end.

Take your cuttings:

Angel-wing Begonias
1. Take a 10-15cm cutting with clean secateurs, cutting underneath a node which is where new roots will form.
2. Remove any flowers so the plant can put energy into growing new roots and shoots.
3. Cut large leaves in half to reduce water loss.

Watermelon Peperomia is a great one to try too – “Just from one leaf you can actually get two cuttings!”
1. Cut a leaf stalk at the base of the plant
2. Cut the stalk at the base of the leaf and discard
3. Cut the leaf in half keeping the stem end intact.
4. Both parts can be planted, cut end down.

Potting up:

1. Partly fill a small pot with a 50/50 mix of perlite and premium potting mix.
2. Suspend the cutting in the pot so that when you backfill, it doesn’t damage the cutting.
3. Lightly tamp down the mix on top and water in.
4. Pop into your greenhouse box or place a bottle half on top and watch it grow!

Featured Plants:
SPRING ONION – Allium fistulosum
PARSLEY – Petroselinum crispum cv.
ANGEL-WING BEGONIA – Begonia maculata cv.
WATERMELON PEPEROMIA – Peperomia argyreia

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